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Opson Restaurant

Opson Restaurant

Opson Restaurant brings you a unique new dining experience – cuisine inspired by the tastes and ingredients of classical Greece. Our head chef Stefanos Kolimadis, in consultation with a classical scholar, has created a tasting menu based on the dishes enjoyed by philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Omiros. Using fresh vegetables from our own kitchen garden and locally sourced delicacies, our head chef combines contemporary cuisine with the flavours of an ancient time, bringing together the best Greek food with dishes known and loved by our legendary forefathers. 

Combine exceptional flavour with phenomenal views over Oia sunset dinner experience at the restaurant gems belonging to Andronis Arcadia Hotel.



The magnificent alfresco space provides guests with unspoilt views of Oia’s spectacular sunsets and a wide range of food, beverage and drink choices, delivering class, flavour and excellence every single time.


There’s nothing like sushi to cool you down and provide a light, bright meal in the summer heat.



Inspired by the Mediterranean’s dazzling seafood as well as ingredients grown in our own gardens, our Chef reinvents traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes with inspired flavour combinations.



And, once you’re done with your meal, stick around to indulge in one of our exquisite signature cocktails at a fun environment with cool party vibes and a magical sunset ambiance.